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Amazon Alexa Echo Features

Voice Calling & Messaging

One of greatest feature of the Amazon Alexa Echo devices are hands free calling and messaging. You can make free calls to any mobile or landline number in US, Canada and Mexico.

Control your Smart Home

With Amazon Echo devices you can now control your Smart home devices.

News Updates

If you want to hear latest news updates before anyone else, Alexa can do this for you. Ask Alexa to play the latest news updates and Alexa would dictate news for you.

Powerful Music

Alexa provides a smart voice controlled coupled with powerful speakers that can cater to your needs by using just simple voice commands.

Bluetooth Speaker

With Alexa you can now play music on your smart phones on your Amazon Alexa device via a Bluetooth.

Sports Update

Get all the latest sports update, easily and effectively on Amazon Alexa by just a single command.

Customer Support for Amazon Alexa Echo Devices.

Set Up




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Amazon Echo Dot is the 2nd Generation voice controlled hands-free speaker device powered by Alexa that is used to play music, news, set alarms, get the weather forecast, and connect your home automation systems. The setup process of Amazon Echo Dot is same as the other Amazon echo devices. It is available at $49.99 only."Alexa" is the wake up word to use the Alexa Echo device and Alexa will respond. The device comes with 1 year manufacture warranty.

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Amazon’s Echo is a hands-free voice-activated smart speaker with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can simply play back your favorite music, ask about weather forecast, set alarms, create your to-do list, control your smart home products, and many more. "Alexa" is wake up word for Amazon Echo devices. Its voice-controlled assistant will joyfully satisfies any of your talked summons, from setting an alert to looking through the web to answer your consuming inquiries and playing music. Alexa Echo is continually adapting, as well, adjusting to your discourse examples, vocabulary and individual inclinations. As per the latest news, Amazon says that the organization is continually refreshing the way Alexa tunes in and reacts and will in the long run give an interface normal sounding reactions. The latest Echo devices has a shorter and adjustable design, enhanced sound with Dolby processing, and the 2nd generation far-field technology.


As the name sounds, the Amazon Alexa Tap device works with the help of a single tap. You can just tap it to wake it up, and ask for music, news, weather forecast, order food or pizza and play your favorite music from your phone or tablet via a Bluetooth. Amazon Alexa Tap influences the imaginative 'far-field voice acknowledgment' innovation which causes you work the gadget with basic voice summons. Regardless of whether it's a basic errand or expand charges, your Alexa Tap gadget will take after each guideline therefore acting in like manner. Sometimes, a Bluetooth connectivity issues and speaker sound problems can make obstacles for you. Make sure you get in touch with Amazon Alexa Tap customer support team. On the off chance that you are confronting issues working Amazon Alexa tap like Amazon tap won't associate with Wi-Fi, Amazon tap not playing music, Amazon Alexa tap not reacting, can't enroll Amazon tap or can't refresh Amazon tap.

How to Setup your Amazon Echo Dot Device?

It is highly recommended to setup your device correctly. We have mentioned the complete steps on how to setup Amazon Echo device. If you are unable to setup your Alexa Echo Dot, call Amazon Alexa Echo Customer Support Number for the further assistance. Make sure you know the right ways to do so! We will share all the critical advances and tips in such manner. Easily get through the tips and ace the specialty of setting up your Amazon Echo!

  • Unbox your Amazon Echo device and place it anywhere you want.
  • Plug in the Echo device and download & install the Alexa app from App store on your smart phone, tablet or computer.
  • Open the Alexa app and sign in with your existing Amazon account if any or sign up for the new Amazon Alexa account.
  • Once you signed up with your existing Amazon account, select your device and confirm your language. After that connect your device to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Once your device is ready, trigger the instructions by saying the wakeup word "Alexa". for example "Alexa play the Jazz music" and your Echo device will do the same for you.

If you are stuck during the setup of Echo Dot or need assistance to fix it, here we are to resolve this out for you. Dial our toll-free Alexa Echo Support Phone Number 1-800-728-0810 for help.

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  • At Alexa Echo Support, we provide you with experienced professionals on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you encounter an issue with your Alexa Echo devices, we’re ready to help resolve it as soon as possible.
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Amazon Echo Customer Support Number

At Alexa Echo Support, we make sure that your Echo device is working properly. Our experienced techs can solve all types of technical and performance issues. Regardless of whether an issue flies up amidst the night, our team of tech support experts will be right there to solve it. All you need to do is give us a call on customer support toll-free number and our team will be right there!