How to fix Alexa Voice command issues – Alexa Echo Support

Alexa is a smart device by Amazon which also implements self-learning or you can say machine learning to understand more about the user. And while doing that few technical issues may occur, out of which one of the common problem which user faces is voice command or voice recognition issue.

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Voice issues can occur due to Wi-Fi connectivity issues and if one can first fix the Wi-Fi /internet connectivity issues fixing voice command would not be of much hassle.

Below are the possible troubleshooting steps which one can perform to fix such issues.

1. Try rebooting the system and keeping it at a place which is at a higher place as compared to the rest of the devices which can cause interference in the signal thus causing connectivity and voice issues.

2. Slow Internet speed can also be a reason for command issues as per Amazon recommendations the minimum requirement internet bandwidth has to be above 0.5MBps .Once must upgrade the internet bandwidth in order to rule out this cause.

3. And as any other electronic device if it doesn’t work properly one of the best way to troubleshoot is to reset the device to factor settings. In order to does that locate the pinhole o the device and using a pin press and hold the button in until the light circle on the Alexa turns to orange.

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How to Fix Alexa Connectivity Issues Quickly

If you hear distorted sound from your Amazon Alexa, or it loses the connection or skips words intermittently there could be multiple reasons why it acting like that and could be software or a hardware issues.

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Following few basics steps one can troubleshoot the problem and identify the root cause.

The first and the foremost step is to restart all the devices start with the router first and once it is back up again then reboot the Amazon Echo. This restarts the connection between the devices.

If the router and the echo are not located centrally there can be connectivity problems .Wi-Fi routers emit better signal from a higher position in the room and thus connecting the Echo would have a better signal strength. Another way to strengthen the connection between the two is to keep them near or closer to each other.

Other things you can keep in mind which setting to the position of the router and the Echo device is keeping it away from other electronic devices like refrigerators, microwave oven etc.

If you have a latest router you can switch to 5GHz channel bandwidth for the Wi-Fi signals as Amazon Alexa devices are compatible with the 5GHz range. However if your other devices which you uses the Wi-Fi and are not latest models for instance laptops, desktops ,mobile phones, tablets etc. then it is safer to stay on the 2.5 GHz channel.

If the above steps don’t rule out the connectivity problem try resetting the device back to its factory setting and let it update itself to the latest updates available. On the other hand you can update it via the Amazon Alexa phone app and you can also contact us on our toll-free alexa tech support phone number get the quick support by our experts.